Issue 40 & 41

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Sharpie® on loose paper by David Greendonner and Kara Norman




Fritz Ward    “Translation of the Coroner, Post-Shooting”

Jim Daniels    “If You Ever Have to Do This Yourself”

Laurel Nakanishi    “Given”

Nicki Beer    “Small Claims Courtship”

Tobias Wray    “The Dusk”

Osip Mandel’shtam    “Untitled” (Don Mager, trans.)

Kenny Williams    “The Hurricane”

Cate Lycurgus    “Story with a Base Hit, Some Sting in It”

Lia Purpura    “Red Bird in Snow”   “Origin”

Leah Poole Osowski    “Girls with bodies of drawers”

Janice N. Harrington    “Kaskaskia Watershed”

Emilia Phillips    “Pastoral (Oncoming)”

Shrode Heil    “Public House”

Carly Joy Miller    “Anti-Pioneer”

Shane Lake    “My Best Friend’s Name is Vizio”

Jacob Sunderlin    [Unfit to bear this raptor suit of romance, Hank]   [If I told you what I liked about driving drunk]

Anna Goodson   “The Grand Panacea”

Dominic Russ-Combs    “Pulling a Coin from the Mouth of a Fish”

Claire Wahmanholm    “Prayer Sequence”

Matthew Minicucci    “Paul’s Letter to the Romans”   “Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians”

Andrew Payton    “War Road”

Patricia Davis   “Birds and their Opposites, Stones”

David Welch    “Barns Are Painted Red Because of the Physics of Dying Stars”

Lauren S. Cook    “Discipline”

Jane Wong    “Burning It Down”

Tyler Gobble    “Good-Intentioned Hoosiers”

Laura Maher   “Cure”

Wesley Rothman    “Bass Tone Ode”

William Kelley Woolfitt    “In Possession of a Certain Farm”

Christopher Brean Murray    “A Welsh Scythe”

Kevin McLellan    “Thereafter”   “Compounds”

Doug Rutledge    “Les Demoiselles”

Lo Kwa Mei-en    “Romance with Lunacy and Necromancy”

Ralph Angel    “Another Almost Square View”

John Sibley Williams    “Bone River”

Ruth Baumann    “Missing Persons Report, with Knives”

Nathan Slinker    “The Song of Jeremy’s Left Arm Gone”

Maurice Manning    “Ten Penny”

Dean Young    “Not Exactly the Lake District”


Bonnie Jo Campbell    “Playhouse”

Kevin Wilson    “A Room at Madame Terreur’s”

Claire Miye Stanford    “The Collar”

Stefani Nellen    “News from the Island of Excellence”

David Ebenbach    “Comedy of Errors”

Bradley Bazzle    “Trash Mountain”

Bradford Kammin    “What Falls to the Floor Must Be Swept Away”

Tasia M. Hane-Devore    “Blue Balloon”


Garret Lee Milton    “La Polilla de La Luna”

Matt Izzi    “The Photobombers”


Elizabeth Gentry   “The Possum, the Wren, and my Animal-Soul”

Kathleen Livingston    “Women’s Art”

Marilyn Martin   “State of Grace”


Emily Wegemer  “Beyond Bender: A Conversation with Dean Young”