Issue 38 & 39

38&39f_001    38&39b_001

Cover Art

blown glass by Douglas S. Jones

photography by Rosa Swartz




Katie Peterson    “Opera”   “Provisioning”

Justin Boening    “Illness”

Heather Forster    “Thirst”

Phoebe Reeves    “Miserere Mei”

Norman Dubie    “Standards and Practices”   “Anonymous, Bonaparte:”

Jessie Lichtenstein    from “Inlanders”

Paul Otremba    “The Pure Products”

Breanne LeJeune    “In Spring the Fat Blue Bodies”

Lisa Wells    “Genealogy”

James Allman    “Comes the Wind”

Joyelle McSweeney    “The Dynamite Prize”

W. Todd Kaneko    “Reading Comprehension 72: Magnitude”

Robert Fernandez    “Ode: Thunderheads”

Corey Zeller    “Smile, Buddy!”

Joshua Young    “And Now that I’m in Your Shadow”

Liz Countryman    “Fort Tyron”

Paul Nemser    “Cityscape”   “Aubade”

Rachel Andoga    “Chopped”

Tara Boswell    “What Victorian Historicists Refer to as The Shadow of Maternity”

Virginia Smith Rice    [envy everything unstabled and razor-sane]

Hao Guang Tse    “Son”

Vanessa Stauffer    “Lessons”

Anna B. Sutton    “For What I Am About to Do”

Jeanann Verlee    “Jezebel Revisits the Book of Kings”

Benjamin Landry    “Recent Dispatch”

Ruth Baumann    “Living You is Like Being Kicked to Death by Rabbits”

John Beardsley    “Sing In Me Mnemosyne O Misery O Sam. . . .”

Brian Russell    “Under Control”

Lindsey Alexander    “On the King Bridge in Frankfort, Kentucky”   “Constitutional”

Robert Lunday    “Pastoral”

Alexis Pope    “Grandeur in a mug of wine”

Aaron Leis    “Five Paragraph Poem Onionesque”

Anna Journey    “Our Weeklong Stay in the Magnolia Hotel . . .”   “Most People Wouldn’t Know the Scent . . .”

Chuck Carlise    “I Can Tell You a Story”

Kent Shaw    “In Praise of Discipline”

Sam Taylor    “Dear Customer”

Joshua Rivkin    “Fuse”

S.H. Lohmann    “Gruesa que la sangre”

Andrew Kozma    “Song of the Starving”

Patricia Colleen Murphy    “Throwing the Proper Tantrums”   “Midnight at Orca Cannery”   “Dear Vacation in Denmark”

Brandon Dean Lamson    “Zombie Rock”

Kristin Robertson    “Ostrichland”

Cynthia Hogue    excerpt from “In June the Labyrinth”   “Foreclosure”

Iliana Rocha    “Self-Portrait with Headphones On”

Brandon Krieg    “Havening”


Joseph Scapellato    “Snake Canyon”

Alison McCabe    “Pore Perfect”

Glen Pourciau    “Watchers”

Marc Sheehan    “The Museum of Tears”

Krista Mann    “Skulls and Pinky Toes and Pogo Sticks”

Leo Costigan    “Blue Chairs”

A.L. Snijders    “Crime Passionel”

Lydia Davis (trans.)    “A Brute, a Little Treasure”

Elise Winn    “The Camel Wife”

Alyssa Knickerbocker    “Romance”


Nicole Hoelle    “The Prince of Pizza”


John Rybicki    “First Birthday”

Jennifer Bowen Hicks    “Marco Polo”

Wayne Scott    “Love Scrabble”