2015 Contests

Our 2015 Fiction & Poetry Contests are now open!
The deadline to submit is January 15, 2015.
Stuart Dybek will judge in fiction; Ralph Angel will judge in poetry.
Winners each receive $1,000 and publication in the Fall 2015 issue of Third Coast

Submit to the Jaimy Gordon Fiction Prize

Submit to the Third Coast Poetry Prize

2015 Contest Guidelines

Submit one previously unpublished story of up to 9,000 words or up to three (3) previously unpublished poems at a time in ONE file. All manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced. Please include entry title and page numbers on all prose manuscript pages. Since the judging is blind, the author’s name and identifying information (including address, email, phone number, and bio) should only appear in the "cover letter" box; identifying information must NOT appear anywhere on the manuscript itself. Manuscripts with names left on them may be disqualified.

Simultaneous submissions are permitted; if accepted elsewhere, we ask that the work be withdrawn from the contest immediately. If a piece is chosen as a finalist, Third Coast asks that it be withdrawn from any other publication considerations until the winner is selected. 

Multiple entries are permitted, but each entry must be submitted separately.

Writers associated with the judges, WMU, or Third Coast are not eligible to submit work to the contest.

The $16 entry fee (payable online, or by check for postal entries) entitles the submitter to a one-year subscription or gift subscription to Third Coast. No money will be refunded. Submissions will not be returned. Postal entries may be mailed to: Third Coast Contests, Western Michigan University, English Department, Kalamazoo MI 49008

Winners will be announced in April 2015 and published in the Fall 2015 issue of Third Coast. All contest entries will be considered for publication in Third Coast.

We look forward to reading your work!

Congratulations to our 2012 Gordon Prize-winner,
CJ Hauser. Her debut novel, The From-Aways, is
now available from William Morrow.  


 2014 Contest Results

For the Jaimy Gordon Fiction Prize, judge Ramona Ausubel  has chosen Leo Costigan’s “Blue Chairs” as winner, and Elise Winn’s “The Camel Wife” as Honorable Mention.

Our poetry judge, Cathy Park Hong, has chosen Jeanann Verlee’s “Jezebel Revisits the Book of Kings” as winner of the Poetry Prize, and “Recent Dispatch” by Benjamin Landry as an Honorable Mention, with an additional special mention to Ruth Baumann for “Loving You is like Being Kicked to Death by Rabbits.” All five writers’ work will appear in the Fall/Winter 2014 issue of Third Coast.

2014 Contest Finalists:

Jaimy Gordon Prize Finalists

Adam Giles, “Forgive and Forget”
Cathy Rose, “As the Hay We Mow”
Lillian Huang Cummins, “This is the Place We Call Home”
Dan Haas, “Madeline Awake”
B.D. Feil, “When Jennie Comes Home”
Charles Stafford, “Tree Work”
Banks Harris, “This is How Your Life Turns Out”
Crystal Carey, “The Salt Cellar”

Poetry Prize Finalists

Margaret Ambrosino, “Feta, a hard boiled egg, a paper twist of grapes,”
Alexa Doran, “Emmy Hemmings: Access is Excess” and “After you said an artist can”
Patricia Colleen Murphy, “Midnight at Orca Cannery”
Cate Lycurgus, “When asked about the hereafter, I say”
Jen Hyde, “Trade Winds”
Maud Kelly, “How Cylinder and Lens Set Us Free”
Jake Syersak, “A Symmetry III”
Mark Wagenaar, “Goat Hour Gospel (Such Salvage)”