Issue 27

27f_001    27b_001


“Compartmentalization 11:08 PM” (22″ x 28″)  |  “Self-Portrait” (16″ x 20″)

acrylic on canvas by Julia Haw




Brent House    “Augur of Illuminated Manuscript”

Graham Foust    “Morality and Temporal Sequence”

Marvyn Petrucci    “Aftermath”

S.G. Frazier    from “An Aerosoled Representation of the Maya and the Moche”   “Eating Against a Wall”

Mike Dockins    “Letter to Jenks from Hurricane Ivan”

Jennifer Pilch    “The Passenger”

Sandra Simmonds    “Ponce de León as Floridaphila”

Janine Joseph    “What After”

Lia Pupura    “Rescue Projects”   “Once”

Jason Stumpf    “Blind-Man’s Singing School”   “In the Valley of Decision”

Natalie Giarratano    “Armenia at the Dinner Table”

Michael Robins    “He Frowns for No Good Reason”

Mark Yakich    “For a Suicide Bomber”   “Embedded”  “Reader/Reaper”

T. Zachary Cotler    “Feast of Weeks”

Katherine Bode-Lang    “The Pomegranate”

Keith Montesano    “Ghost Lights”

Corey Marks    “Fire & Tulips”

Alexandra Teague    “Language Lessons”

Nick Courtright    “The Surveyor”

Bruce Bond    “Peal”

Kateri Kosek    “The Bottom of Things”

Ashley Toliver    “what the body remembers”   “Kinesis”

Sandy Tseng    “Night Shift”

G.C. Waldrep    “The Blindfold is a Chain Like the Mourning Dove”

Ely Shipley    “In her hair a petal”

Richard Jackson    “Here and There, October 7, 8:18 PM”

Tony Tost    from “Elephant & Obelisk” (I)   from “Elephant & Obelisk” (II)


Roger Sheffer    “Three Davids”

Eric Braun    “Kiss-Ass Stereo”

William Lychack    “The Shell Game”

Jenny Hanning    “The Difference”

Kellie Wells    “The Soft-Footed Phantom Speaks”

Jacob White    “Being Dead in South Caroline”


James Magruder    “Penelope & the Sterile Field”


William O’Rourke    “This Old House on the Prairie: Extreme Makeover”

Allyson Miller    “Sea of Love”


Margaret von Steinen    “The Convergence of Creative and Spiritual Faith in Jean Valentine’s Poetry”


Michael Levan    Goat Funeral by Christopher Bakken

Natalie Giarratano    Blind Rain by Bruce Bond

Curtis Van Donkelaar    The Perfect Man by Naeem Murr

Jason Skipper    in the devil’s territory by Kyle Minor

Robert Kirkbride    The Region of Lost Names by Fred Arroyo