Issue 26

26f_001    26b_001


“Super Mega Mini, 2007″ (34″ x 36”)  |  “Wee Essence, 2007″ (24″ x 36”)

mixed media acrylic by Deborah Bell




Maurice Manning    “A Penitential Psalm”

Emma Ramey    “Servant”

Stuart Greenhouse    “End of August”

Khaled Mattawa    “Against Ether”

Megan Snyder-Camp    “Contingency Museum”

Brian Swann    “Accident”   “Imperative”

Eva Hooker    “Angle of Repose”

Joshua Dolezal    “June Dream”

Virginia Heatter    “Biding, Paris de Gaulle”

Erinn Batykefer    “The Experiment”

Cheryl Lachowski    “The Laws of Eco-Poetics Dynamics”

Nicole Walker    “This Neck of the Woods”

Matthew Hotham    “The Failure of Buffalo to Levitate”

Dawn Tefft    “All Warnings, All Invitations”

Lesa Alison-Hastings    “Exorcism in Five Acts”

Robb St. Lawrence    “Because I Don’t Mean This to Be Allegory”

Christopher Bakken    “Kouros”

Kent Shaw    “Serendipity, or How I would insinuate an explosion”

Susan Goslee    “England”

Dave Mdden    “Another Poem about Flowers”

Ander Monson    “Sermon for the Day After the Last Missed Apocalypse Prediction”

Mike Puican    “St. Prisca”

Michael Heffernan    “The Scent of Rose Water”   “Under Ben Bulben”   “Every Journey Has an End”

Matthew Henriksen    “In the Meadow at the Parting of the Ways”


Halina Duraj    “Tenants”

Eugene Cross    “Only the Strong Will Survive”

Chris D. Harvey    “Rituals”

Casey Lefante    “Plastic Parts”

Urban Waite    “Fault”


Chris Gavaler    “The Chris and Alex Show”


Heather Kirn    “Joining the Club”


Diether Haenicke    The Passionate Gardener by Rudolf Borchardt (Henry Martin, trans.)

Amorak Huey    Revolt of the Crash Test Dummies by Jim Daniels   At the Drive-In Volcano by Aimee Nezhukumatahil

Vincent Reusch    The Lake, The River, The Other Lake by Steve Amick

Jennifer Munro    Traveler by Ron McLarty

Gary McDowell    Embryos & Idiots by Larissa Szporluk

Adeena Reitberger    The Air We Breathe: A Novel by Andrea Barrett