Issue 46



Mandy Rogers Horton

Collection of Days




Daniel Biegelson    “I have to go, I don’t want to go”

Destiny O. Birdsong    “Negotiations”

Jody Chan    “The first spring we planted perennials”

Hannah Craig    “Laundry Day”

Cara Dees   “After Euthanizing the Wild Horses of the West”

Elizabeth Diebold    “Wildfire”

Luiza Flynn-Goodlett    “History”

Margaux Griffith    “Orchard Song”

Diana Hardy    “I am the stenographer”

Allison Hutchcraft    “Alice in Millefleurs”

Gary Jackson    “Interview featuring korea and lilt perms”

Josh Kalscheur    “Mountain Picture”

Genevieve Kaplan    “Six questions”

Lesle Lewis   “Ice”

Mingpei Li    “Porphyrias”

Nina Lindsay    “Travel”

Nancy Chen Long   “Cataract”

Jennie Malboeuf    “flying change” & “In the Myths”

Kaitlin LaMoine Martin   “Education”

Lucian Mattison    “Loophole”

Alycia Pirmohamed   “Hawwa Discovers Adam by the River”

Karen Skofield    “Army SMART Book: Identification Tags, with Silencers”

Daniel Suárez    “Checagou”

Jake Syersak    from Yield Architecture

Jeanine Walker    “Forgiveness, He Says, Is a Plague”

Danielle Weeks    “Thrown Back Alive”

John Sibley Williams    “In the Language of Drought”

Keith Woodruff    “The Broods”

Amie Zimmerman    “Fruit”



Nora Bonner    “This Way, If You Dare”

Rebecca McKanna   “The Real Thing”

Dan Moreau    “American Gothic”

Alyssa Proujansky    “Magicicada”


Creative nonfiCTION

Susanna Space    “Rental”