Issue 45



Ben Skiba

assemble some beliefs, disturb others. #2, 2016, 12×12 inches, tape, marker, paper




John Andrews    “On Dancing in Public”

Megan J. Arlett    “I Ask My Grandmother What Trinidad Was Like in 1960”

Oliver Baez Bendorf    “Rain and Ticks in Tennessee”

Lesya Bazylewicz    “The Watering Place”

Margaret Cipriano   “Aporia”

Caroline Crew    “Vacation Politics”

Keith Ekiss    “Imaginary Child”

James Ellenberger    “Feathers, Feathers, Feathers”

John Fry    “update after the possession”

Sarah Gridley    “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom”

David Hornibrook    “Honeymoon”

Jane Huffman    “Everything Reduced to One Plan”

Rochelle Hurt    “Car Ode, 1999”

Marlin M. Jenkins   “Wax Paper”

Ann Keniston    “Announcement Aria”

Sophie Klahr    Two poems from Like Nebraska

Anni Liu   “Upon Hearing the News”

W.M. Lobko    “State of Emergency”

Gail Martin   “Late August”   “Matriarch”

Trey Moody    “Gold Country”

Michelle Peñaloza   “Q&A”

Lynne Potts    “Reflections with Reflections”

Brian Simoneau    “The City I Come from Responds”

Emily Skaja    “Elegy with Sympathy”

BJ Soloy    “The Shallows”

Adam Tavel    “Still Life with Burn Barrel”

Terrell Jamal Terry    “Amateur Artist”

Catherine Wing    “Spyglass”   “The Stone Child”



John Holliday    “The Thing That Masqueraded As the Thing That Killed Her”

Toni Judnitch   “This Is Our House”

Jonathan Wlodarski    “Bring Back the Cold”


Creative nonfiCTION

Maurine O. Ogbaa    “Something between Us”



Kristian O’Hare    “Fettered”