Issue 47



Kyle Cook


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Derek Annis    “Consumption”, “Intervened Upon”

Brian Clifton   “Hotel”

JM Douglas   “Nervosa”

Mireille Farjo    “No More Sports Radio”   “In the English Village of Somebody”

Thor Macklanburg   “god is in the water”   “december”

John Maradik    “Paul Rand”   “Oculus at the house of Sterling Dental”   “they found the python”

Brandi Nicole Martin   “Portrait as Mistress with Kinetic Energy”   “Second Date Might Be the Last

Michael Mingo    “Retaliation”

Emily Pittinos  “I Grow Less Visible”

Richard Prins   “Platypus Milk”

Michelle S. Reed    “Before Fairy Godmother”   “For My Future Self, When She is Afraid”   “Why I Don’t Take Communion”

Rob Shapiro    “All Your Saints Are Still Back East”

Derold Ernest Sligh    “Rouge River”

Alex Thomas   “Omens”


Jeremy Packert Burke    “1999”

Miriam Cohen   “The Teenagers”

José Sotolongo    “The Best Place”

Emma Stough    “Happy Birthday, Parker”

Creative nonfiCTION

Stevie Belchak    “Drawing in Me Something Explicit”

Letisia Cruz    “Holes”


Kevin Daly    “The Kitty Bomb”

Herbert Scott Award

Andrew Collard    “Key Motor Mall”

Alyssa Jewell    “Baptism”

S.Marie Lafata-Clay    “Preach the Body”

Sara Lupita Olivares    “Clarities”