Issue 48


    Tucker Prescott

    Dark Mornings Pt 3, Shivers and Dust

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Emily Blair   “The Zone”

Cassandra J. Bruner  “Spinneret Girl’s Exodus”

Nilson Carroll  “Pool Boys I” “geomancer”

MRB Chelko   “What About”

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach  “Nothing of Water”

Tyler Dettloff   “Pike”

Benjamin Gucciardi  “Braille in Sicily”   “Evening, California: 2024”

Matthew Guenette   “I Get the Fish Tattoo”

Mia Herman “First Trimester Miscarriage”

Kara Jackson  “lost & found”

Benjamin Landry   “Sing”

Cameron McGill   “40.1164° N, 88.2434° W”

Evan Nicholls   “April”

Alexis Orgera  “Parallel Universe Theory”

Alaina Pepin “Curry County, Oregon”

Zein Sa’dedin “the sea is the most flexible of things”

Shaina Semiatin “Passover”

Taylor Waring “the skinwalker phones home”

Marco Yan “Oh in You the Animal”


Bernard Grant   “Well”

John Langenfeld   “The Three Franciscos”

Erin Ruth Malone    “Vulture Culture”

Michael Pearce    “Our Beautiful Front Door”

Reena Shah    “The Jains’ Annual Beach House Picnic”

Creative nonfiCTION

Lauren W. Westerfield    “[This Body] Fictions”


Freda Epum    “We are sorry to inform you about the 61 banana peel thrown at the black girl: A One Woman Show”