Issue 44



Joy Meyer

Front Cover: Little Elysium, 2014, 24×18 inches, oil, acrylic, glow-in-the-dark paint, and gold spray paint on canvas

Back Cover: Fuchsia Speaks the Heart Mind, 2014, 48×46 inches, oil, acrylic, glow-in-the-dark paint, spray paint, glitter, on canvas




Jamaica Baldwin    “All That Splendor”   “L and I”

Jessica Rae Bergamino    “The Second Ghost, Idealized as Persephone”   “One Need Not Be a Chamber to Be Haunted”

Kimberly Burwick    “Aorta, the Clatter That Hurtles”

Lauren Camp    “People in Front of Me”

Andrés Cerpa   “Without Sleep”

Leila Chatti    “Because It Is Winter I Think It Is Possible”

K.M. English    “Landscape”

April Goldman-Sims    “Parataxis”

T.J. Harrison    “Fortune Cookies”

Michele Lent Hirsch    “The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle”

Allison Hraban    “East St. Louis”

Henry Israeli    “In Rat’s Alley”

Whittney Jones    “Wildcat Hills”   “Will Scarlet Mine”

RE Katz   “Babe On, Basic Human Notch”

Patrick Kindig    “At the Séance”

Nathan Lipps    “Birth”

Maggie McMichael   “2016”

Kelly Michels    “Our Fifth Grade Teacher Said: ‘When the World Ends Tomorrow, I Will Be Drinking Lemonade Under a Tree'”

Jennifer Moore    “Masquerade”

Kathryn Nuernberger   “The Threshold of the Unseen World”

Kate Partridge    “Ars Poetica with Goats and Agnes Martin”

Ricardo Pau-Llosa   “Pets”

Meghann Plunkett    “Elegy for My Unborn Child”

Stephanie Rogers    “Ode to Insomnia”

Laura Romeyn    “All Dressed Up and Nowhere”

Faith Shearin    “Potter’s Field”

Kristen Steenbeeke    “B.C./A.D.”

Anthony Sutton    “Play Tough”   “Poem Starting with a Line from an International Student”

Amber Flora Thomas    “Self-Portrait with Teeth”

Willie Versteeg    “Resistance Training”

Jeff Whitney    “Yes the Cities Die When You Leave Them”

Jess Williard    “Thrift”   “We Wish in Clothes from the Sky”



Eric Aaserud    “Pigeon Dreams”

Joy E. Allen    “The Dog Accountant”

Jeremy Rice    “Story about Ivan”

Dariel Suarez    “Daredevils”

Diana Xin    “Camp Wish-Song



Greg Jenkins    “The War between Us and Them”