Issue 31

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“A House near the Railroad Track” (5″ x 7″)  |  “Queen Anne’s Lace” (7″ x 5″)

oil on linen/panel by Stephen Magsig

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Jake Adam York    “Before Knowing Remembers”   “The Second Person”

David Dodd Lee    “Fish Lake”

Shannon Jonas    “Prison Cloud Approaches Town”

Lisa Lewis    “A History Lesson”   “Red Water Spreading”

Eric Weinstein    Copula

Louise Mathias    “Orion”

Kristin LaCroix    “Bound for the New Albion Hotel”

David Wagoner    “Body and Soul”   “At the Edge of the Bed”

Austin Hummell    “Frost at Midnight”

Brian Trimboli    “Genesis Triptych”

Teresa Scollon    “Drought Year”

Patty Seyburn    Morpho Peleides

Nick Regiacorte    “In Statu Nascendi”

Weston Cutter    “All Yes vs. Death of Binary”

Miles Waggener    “Infertility”

Keith Ratzlaff    “Angel in Crisis”   “Angel from a Star”


John Matthew Fox    “Fatu Ma Futi”

Elizabeth Bull    “Other Considerable Forms of Communication”

Amy Purcell    “You Are Not So Lucky”

John Zackel    “Pre-Existing Conditions in Puyallup, Washington”


Jennifer Fawcett    “The Echo”


Aubrey Hirsch    “A Florist’s Encyclopedia”

Kate Schmitt    “Weight of Desire”

Kelcey Ervick Parker    “Students Die, and What Is Poetry?”


Natalie Giarratano and Elizabeth Marzoni    “A Conversation with Alicia Ostriker”


Ilse Schweitzer    Looking for Hickories: The Forgotten Wildness of the Rural Miswest by Tom Springer

Gary L. McDowell    Never-Ending Birds by David Baker

Jessica Vozel    The Girl Who Ate Kalamazoo by Darrin Doyle

Ben Westlie    The Sky’s Weight by Rane Arroyo

James Miranda    Vanishing Point by Matt Bell

Symposium on Writing and the midwest

Marianne Boruch    “Doubt, Shrug, Shadow”

Erin McGraw    “Horses”

David Baker    “Native Colors”

Joe Meno    “Keechie”

Mark Halliday    “Kenneth Koch of Cincinnati”

Nancy Eimers    “Not Much Will Have Happened”

Monica Berlin    “Your Slow Pulse”

Stuart Dybek    “To Live in the Midwest”

Lee Martin    “Gravel Roads”

Bonnie Jo Campbell    “Annie Oakley Starts Killing at Age Thirteen”

Patricia Henley    “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been: Writing the Midwest”

Lisa Bouma Garvelink    “Willa Cather’s Midwest”

Eula Biss    “Short Talks on the Midwest”

Cody Lumpkin    “On William Stafford’s ‘Prairie Town'”

William Olsen    “My Middle Name”

Michael Levin    “The Midwest, a Found Text”