Issue 29

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“No. 6″ (22″ x 35”)  |  “No. 13″ (21″ x 35”)  |  “No. 99″ (25″ x 30”)

from the series “Thread and Carbon, Oil and Steel”

chromogenic print, detail by Sally Grizzell Larson




David Shumate    “When a Fool Reaches Maturity”   “If You Hire a Poet to Draw a Map”   “Interpreting the Metaphor”

Jim Daniels    “Last Night a Reckless Cyclist”

S. Whitney Holmes    “Rubin’s Voice”

Shira Richman    “Bouy”   “Floatability”

Ravi Shankar    “Hitchhiker”

Christopher Ankney    “To the Rivers:”

Joanne Diaz    “Pride and Prejudice”

Maria Hummel    “Ghost Traffic”

Jon Thompson    “Six Feet Under”

Maureen McHugh    “Quick Note Left on the Kitchen Table”   “Quick Note Left on the Kitchen Table II”

Stephanie Rogers    “Elegy”

Jehanne Dubrow    “Bowl, in the Shape of a Britsol Boat”

Luke Johnson    “Remembering the Old Testament while Walking the Dog”

Doug Ramspeck    “Feral Evening”

Theodore Worozbyt    “Litter”

Jen McClanaghan    “From ‘Entering the Cemetery'”

Liz Scheid    “Tuesday”

Billy Reynolds    “Driving Drunk”

Luisa Villani    “Revise: There Was a Man, Silvio”

Ryan Collins   “Cry a River”

Judson Evans    “Spark Notes”

Megan Kaminski    [untitled]

Jennifer Chapis    “Dream of the Shoulder”

Byron A Kanoti    “Ghost and Pig”

Tomaz Šalamun    “Hallmarks”

Gray Jacobik   “The Skeptic’s Prayer”

Quan Barry    “simulation”   “language”


Keith Lee Morris    “Ayudame”

Ashley Shelby    “Winter-Over”

Kerry Banazek    “Conception and Other Lessons”

Josie Milliken    “A Body, Running”

Geoffrey Becker    “Man Under”


Ryan Dowler    “Mammals”

Kara Dunn    “Touch the Pillow”

Jose Rivera    “Yellow”


Beth Alvarado   “Susan and the zunis”

Winona Winkler Wendth    “Strapless”


Excerpts from Q & A with Marvin Bell


Ann Przyzycki    The Waitress Was New by Dominique Fabre

Jessi Phillips    American Salvage by Bonnie Jo Campbell

Kate Dernocoeur    Walking to Extremes in Iceland and New Mexico by Howard McCord

James Pray    The Plain Sense of Things by Pamela Joern

Jennifer D. Munro   Family Bible by Melissa J. Delbridge

Melinda Moustakis    U.P. by R. A. Riekki

James Miranda   The Dart League King by Keith Lee Morris