Issue 21

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The Tribunal Series

“The Composer” (12” x 16″)  |  “The one who drinks too much” (12″ x 16″)  |  “The Vicar” (12″ x 16″)  |  “My Nosferatu” (12″ x 16″)

oil on canvas by John Kollig




Justin Vicari    “Hockney Retrospective, M.O.M.A.”

Julianna Baggott    “Mary Cassatt, Going Blind, Crosses Her Room”   “A Boyfriend from Years Ago Appears at the Reunion—Without His Emotions”   “Ida Saxton McKinley, the First Lady, Seizes During a Dinner Party”

Robyn Anspach    “How Jacob pinned the angel by touching her thigh”

Basil Cleveland    “Churchgirls”

Gail Martin    “The Moon Isn’t Strong Enough”

Stefi Weisburd    “The Collector”   “Eulogy”

Jesse Lee Kercheval    “The Last Three Apples”

Kate Fetherston    “Blind Spot”   “Taking Measure”

J. Allyn Rosser  “Not Stopping”   “Right Moment, Wrong Soireé”

Jake Adam York    “Midnight, Furnace, Wind”   “George Wallace at the Crossroads”   “Descendant”

David Bruzina    “Self-Butcher and Cook”   “The Hunter Calls Rabbits”

Kathryn Smith    “Into the Hands of Robbers”   “Falling Apart”

Robert Gregory    “The Careful Days Are Here”

Marvin Bell    “Thoughts During the Demolition Derby, Sandusky County Fair, Fremont, Ohio”   “I Was Not Myself”   “Stubby Sag Harbor Sonnet”

Mary Ruefle    “A Poet’s Dictionary”   “What Woman”   “Cassandra”

Jackie White    “Fable”

Tim Seibles    “Douglass, a Last Letter”

George Looney    “A Sad Man Makes of the Moon an Absolution”

Jonathan Johnson    “Original Sin and Cover Tunes”   “Brave Coast, No Wheels”


Melanie Westerberg    “An Open Field”

Stephen Graham Jones    “Faberge”

Amanda Boyden    “Jack and Jill”

Randy DeVita    “Up”

José Skinner    “The Extra”

Howard Norman    “Sidestroke”


OyamO    “Salome Muller the Slave”


Mia Nussbaum    “Of Possible Worlds I Slip Into and Breathe, O Drink, While Remaining in My One Life and Chair”

Orman Day    “More Than Bread”

Christopher Merrill    “Dismal Harmony”


Peter Geye    “An Interview with Howard Norman”


Peter Patau    U & I: A True Story by Nicholson Baker   John Fowles: A Life in Two Worlds by Eileen Warburton

Anna Redsand    Numele Tǎu / Your Name: Poeme / Poems by Dona Roşu

Billy Reynolds    Vacationland by Ander Monson

Amanda Rachelle Warren    Budget Travel through Space and Time by Albert Goldbarth

Vincent Reusch    Ordination by Scott A. Kaukonen

Ann Przyzycki    Centuria: 100 Ouroboric Novels and All the Errors by Giorgio Manganelli