Issue 24

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“The Venus Divine” (48” x 48″)  |  “Olympia” (60″ x 60″)

acrylic, oil, and resin, and acrylic and resin by Patrick Trimbath




Anne Marie Macari    [Of all the Species]   [The Cord Between Us]   “American Tree Sparrow, Platte River, Nebraska”

Jamey Dunham    “The Good Life”   “Trickster in the City”

John Randolph Carter    “I Wish to Travel to Another Planet”   “What Choo Got?”

Frances Schenkkan    “Mr. Stevens’ Secretary Transcribes a Poem Clear”

Michael Robins    “Merrymakers”

Travis Brown    “Necessary Room”

Orlando Ricardo Menes    “Cenobites”

Emily Pérez    “A Kiss on the Hand May Be Quite Continental”

Aimee Nezhukumatathil   “Love in the Orangery”

Bill Lavender    “The Riddle of 31 August 2005”

Michelle Margolis    “Mid-Psalm, Evening, Seagrove Park”   [From My Lover, Pascal]

Kurt S. Olsson    “Autobiography of My Hand”

Derek Mong    “Fellini Sestina: Roma”

Mark Irwin    “Augenblick”

Frankie Drayus    “Lust (against detachment)”

Melanie Jordan    “When I Talk Like Loose Sugar Waiting”   “Interstate Daydream”

Kirun Kapur    “Love Song #1”   “School”

Ellen Wehle    “My Brother’s Keeper”   “Judgment”

Lauren Claire Ireland    “Evolution”   “Right Here at Once”

Gail Wronsky    “Shatter Me to Shards”   “Hippolyta, the Amazon”

Angela Sorby    “What Helen Caught”

Adam Vines    “Georg Cantor, from Halle Sanatorium, 1884”

Theodore Worozbyt    “Natural Philosophy”   “Lust”

John Gallaher    “Tonight’s the Night”   “The Bodies Have Fallen”

William Winfield Wright    “When the Revolution is Over”

Eric Rawson    “Visiting a Friend Who Isn’t Home”

Nicky Beer    “Annual”

Sarah Blackman    “Napoleon of the Suburbs”   “The ______ Impossible”

Sandra Meek    “Still Life, with Fluency

Eliot Khalil Watson    “Cantrip for the Unmoored”   “The Grey Whales and the Weatherman’s Daughter”


Andy Mozina    “The Housekeeper’s Confession”

Emily Sinclair    “A Story, with All Its Proper Elements”

Jacob M. Appel    “The Anatomy Lab”

J.D. Chapman    “Willie & Bette”


Daniel Gutstein    “Marion Barry Fantasy Weekend”


Melissa Delbridge    “Girls Turned In”


Rachel Swearingen   Skin by Kellie Wells

Margaret von Steinen    Gloryland by Anne Marie Macari

Melinda Moustakis    One Tribe by M. Evelina Galang

Michael Levan    Mosquito: Poems by Alex Lemon