Issue 42



pencil and watercolor on paper by Natalie Diaz




Allison Adair    “Maps for the Plotline”

Anne Barngrover    “Your Name in My Boot”

Monica Berlin    “What keeps coming the rain, yes, & also all that”

Tommye Blount    “Proscenium”

Annah Browning   “Farm Widows, Night Hour”

Kai Carlson-Wee    “Crystal Meth”

Cathy Linh Che    “Incline Village, NV”

Franny Choi    “Speech Therapy”

George David Clark    “Wind in the Cypress, Salt in the Wind”

Adam Clay    “Wreckage Outside of the Storm”   “Sentence for Insomnia as a New Type of Sleep”

Aaron Coleman    “On Surrender”   “It is not a question of memory”

Chelsea Dingman    “Walking Westward”

Alex Greenberg    “Penumbra”   “Eviction Notice”

Heather Hamilton    “Reflection”

Dennis Hinrichsen    “My Afghanistan”

L.A. Johnson    “Pyromania”

M.E. MacFarland   “Pastorals”

Angie Macri    “And Hope to Die”

Kathleen McGookey    “What I Knew for Sure”

Lucien Darjeun Meadows   “Flittermice”

Amanda Mitchell    “field over which the heavens rehearse rapture”

David Moolten   “Garden”

Leanna Petronella    “The Rainbow”

Joy Priest    “Runaway”

Andrew Ruzkowski    “Theater of fields”   “The never home”

Anis Shivani    “Death is a Festival”

Amy Jo Trier-Walker    “The Pacing in Nails”

Peter Twal    “Where Are Your Friends Tonight”

David Welch    “Everyone who is Dead”

Katie Willingham    “Internal Reasons and the Obscurity of Blame”   “Darwinist Logic on Pattern Recognition”

Felicia Zamora    “In fasten-nation”


Bonnie Roop Bowles    “Sapling”

Ryan Krull    “Reorganization”

Dana Masden    “Exercise, A Good Book, and A Cup of Tea”

Andrea Ruggirello    “It’s How You Play the Game”


Mark Witteveen    “Loving Parents”


John English   “Oscillations: An Essay”