Issue 22

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“Passage through the Havens of Itik” (20” x 24″)  |  “Fish Story” (12″ x 16″)

woodcut by Alexandrea Lau




Andrew Kozma    “Heteroglossia”

James Allen Hall    “Pleasure”   “The End of Myth”

Marcela Sulak    “Unsettled Land Between”   “Not a Ghazal #3”

Thomas Lux    “The Ambulatory Paranoid”   “Nolens Volens (Whether Willing or Unwilling)”   “Autobiographobia”

Rob Cook    “Letter to Myself at Four, 1973”   “The Sniper’s Apartment”

Erin Elizabeth Smith    “Macha Speaks of Her Children”   “Sin (Storm) : A Pantoum”

Kristin Bock    “Imagination”   “The Somniloquy of the Sleeping Asp”

Julie Sophia Paegle    “The Prejudiced Goat”

Michael Gushue  “How the Mockingbird Got His Mock”   “The Bandwidth Presidents”

Judith Kerman    “Persephone”

Linda Cooper    “What Takes the Place of Health”   “Refuge”

Matt Miller    “Hierarchy of Paradise”

Mike Dockins    “Letter to Johnston from Carlisle”

Tara Bray    “Washoe Lake Refuge”   “Carolina Chickadees”

Susan Hutton    “Against Our Nature”   “Wujakari, Yartijumurra, Arawunga, Tokwampari”   “First Glance”

Bill Rasmovicz    “The Accordion”

Celia Stuart-Powles    “The Gift”

Mark Vinz    “Work, for the Night Is Coming”   “The Tribe”

Kathryn Schwartz    “August 1983: Saginaw Street, Flint”

Mark Jarman    “We Are All Praying for Our Father”   “The Comet”

Lisa Sewell    “Ghazal for the First Day of Spring”


Roger Hart    “Fireflies”

Jason Grunebaum    “What We Know”

Christine Caya    “Night Vision”

Jean Hanson    “The Caribe Club”

M. Lynx Qualey    “Hysterical”   “Without Fingernails”

Edward O’Connell    “Part-timers”


Ted LoRusso    “Woman With Coffee”

S.W. Senek    “12 Rounds”


Chad Hanson    “Working Class Glass”


Elizabeth Knapp    Star Dust by Frank Bidart

Michael Coash    The Nina Zero Novels of Robert Eversz by Robert Eversz

Erin Husky    When It Burned to the Ground by Yolanda Barnes

Larry ten Harmsel    A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City. A Diary by Anonymous

Laura Jean Baker    Authenticity by Dierdre Madden

Jon Adams    Mother of Sorrows by Richard McCann

Anna Redsand    Birdsong: A Natural History by Don Stap

A Symposium of slovenian poetry and prose in translation

Erica Johnson Debeljak    “A Deeper Geography”

Uroš Zupan    “May”   “December Sketches”   “The Village of Migojnice”

Tomaž Šalamun    “the lime in the desert”   “The Face”

Barbara Korun    “I Saw a Man”   “The Touch”

Drago Jančar    “A Sunday in Oberheim”

Aleš Debeljak    “Columbus”   “Christmas in America”   “A Bath Before Bed”